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Master Storyteller Academy Virtual Intensive

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December 8TH, 9TH, & 10th 2022 EVENT


Listen to world-renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, share why you should attend the Master Storyteller Academy

Are you ready to share your message in a way that captivates your audience and grows your brand and your tribe?

Are you ready to share stories that are relatable and consistently attract more paying customers and high quality leads?

Do you want to craft a message that is super inspiring, impactful and generates more opportunities for you?

Do you want to craft a message that is so amazing that it gets you invited to speak at conferences, workshops and seminars?

If you answered yes to any these questions than there is one thing that you must become.

You need to become a storyteller, however not just any storyteller, you need to become a Master Storyteller

December 8-10, 2022

Master Storyteller Academy Virtual Intensive

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I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and years of training with some of the best in the industry to master the art of storytelling. And as a result I have seen my platform and business transform.

Andy Herique - Strategic Storytelling Expert

Mastering the art of storytelling has allowed me to attract paid speaking engagements with companies like Bacardi, Office Depot Foundation, United Technologies Corporation, and many more.

It’s landed me media appearances in the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, The Word Network, Island TV, BEACON TV and more.

Office Depot Foundation
Huffington Post
United Technologies

It’s also allowed me to grow a lucrative coaching business, teaching authors, speakers, coaches and high end executives how to develop their signature stories to attract more customers, clients and gain more influence.


I know first hand how storytelling can transform your platform and business and I want to assist you to do the same.

3 Day Virtual Intensive Transformational Experience

Just because you've been stuck at home, it doesn't mean that you have to stop learning and growing. As a matter of fact this is a perfect opportunity to get more clarity and confidence around your message so you can position yourself to win in this current environment.

For the first time ever, we will be doing a virtual intensive of the Master Storyteller Academy. Here's a special opportunity for you to be a part of a highly interactive, transformational, 3-day experience all from the comfort of your home. You’ll get all the benefits of attending the live event without having to get on an airplane or book a hotel room.

This is a powerful, intimate, hands on virtual intensive event designed to pull out your signature story and equip you to have greater stage presence, make more impact and attract high quality prospects into your tribe.

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For the Virtual Intensive Event

Master Storyteller Academy Virtual Intensive

Discover Your Story

Over the course of 3 transformational days, I am going to take you through a unique hands-on process to develop your signature story and sharpen your message in order to grow your platform, have more impact and attract more paying customers.

During my highly exclusive Master Storytelling Academy, you're going to:

  1. Pinpoint and gain clarity on your unique signature story, so you can captivate your audience, grow your brand and attract high quality leads to your tribe.
  2. Learn an easy and simple way to customize your message so you that you can have impact regardless of your audience.
  3. Learn the ultimate story structure so you don’t ever have to worry about how to tell and position your message.
  4. Map out your story timeline so you have an easy to follow message that keeps your audience engaged from beginning to end.
  5. Learn how to incorporate feelings and emotions into your message so that you leave a lasting impact in your audience and move them to action.
  6. Practice speaking, in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment and receive live feedback so you can step up your game as a speaker.
  7. Make great connections with the other speakers, coaches and influencers in the room so you collaborate and grow together in the future.
  8. Earn the highly coveted and respected Master Storyteller Designation, which is the #1 designation for professional speaker, coaches and influencers.

What's your story?

Master Storyteller Academy Virtual Intensive

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Hear what people have to say about Andy's Storytelling Coaching

“This training is taking me to the next level.
— Sally Villaba

“The single most impactful thing I’ve done for myself.”
— Roxanne Chung

“I rearranged my own event to be here.
— Darnyelle Jervey Harmon


“I was thinking very small about my story.”
— Aileen Castellano

“I’ve learned how to share my story with more power, passion and purpose.”
— Marly Q. Casanova

“This training has given me more confidence and clarity.”
— Torrey Montgomery

Mary Wong - Office Depot Foundation

I got to present in front of a group of 600 people. Our main goal was to be able to help them in fund raising by selling a seminar package at $2,500 a person. With the help of Andy Henriquez, I was able to sell 105 seminar packages during my presentation at $2,500 a piece. And I could have never done that without Andy’s storytelling coaching he helped me through.

Mary Wong
Armando Cruz

Andy’s training has brought me clarity and it has shown me how to tell my story more effectively and efficiently with those that I seek to serve. If you’re on the fence about getting storytelling coaching, then I invite you to give Andy’s training a try and see how it transforms your business and your life.

Armando Cruz
Rudy Larose

I just finished my very first storytelling training with Andy Henriquez, and let me tell you: I’m pumped up and excited – I feel like I’m going to go share all of my stories with Channel 7 news. I so appreciate learning how to connect with people through understanding the power of my story and being able to help.

Rudy Larose
Anna Maria Sanin

Prior to Andy's storytelling coaching, my story seemed like one long event and I really had no idea as to how I would present it to my audience and clients. After working with Andy, I have gained so much clarity on my story and I have also found the gems within my story that allows me to connect with my audience and clients. My confidence level has shot through the roof. I am so grateful to have had an opportunity to work with Andy.

Ana Maria Sanin

What's your story?

Master Storyteller Academy Virtual Intensive

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The Master Storyteller Academy is the premiere business storytelling training in the nation. The trainings are intimate with limited seating. Please only apply if you are serious and are willing to make an investment.

After you apply be sure to book your appointment on our calendar right away so we can discuss the details of the training with you. We're looking forward to talking to you.

Discover your story

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